About us

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The Hostel La Llagosta was set up in 1946 by the family Plà from Calella de Palafrugell; they were a family working as fishermen with what is known as “parelles” in Catalan, a fishing boat with a sail.

The premises they had previously had in Llafranc, the place where the Hostel was built afterwards, was the property of an old shipowner and a saline for anchovy of the Plà family.

In 1955, the current owner, who is called Mrs Mª Rosa Tarragó Daussà, became part of the family. Since then, thanks to her constant work and dedication, the Hostal began to receive large amounts of prestigious tourists, mainly English and German citizens, who corresponded with the start of the “Touristic Boom on the Costa Brava in the ‘50s”.

During all these years with Mrs Mª Rosa, a lot of celebrities have been in la Llagosta, for example the renowned “Kubala”, player of the F.C.B. to such important artists as: “Liz Taylor, Eddie Fisher, Gloria Vanderbilt or Xavier Cugat”.

At present, the Hostel La Llagosta is a place that offers a homely atmosphere, where you can enjoy a peaceful stay in the bay of Llafranc. Furthermore, you can also enjoy our well-known restaurant, located also on the waterfront.

We offer seasonal seafood and our rice specialities.

We choose local products from both land and sea depending on the season of the year. We have our own vegetable patch so that our customers can enjoy products of the highest quality which are also organic.